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Leadership Coffee County is a dynamic program offered through the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce designed to inspire and engage new and emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds for an active role in community affairs.  The program was established to bring together rising professionals with a genuine passion and willingness to use and improve their leadership skills to enrich the quality of life in Coffee County.

what you will gain

Participants will gain inside knowledge of Coffee County; a new network of like-minded visionaries; develop an in-depth understanding of the partnerships and complexities of our community; and a broad invitation to join the on-going conversation. 

Through an increased understanding of Coffee County’s assets and challenges, participants will discover new opportunities to impact and contribute to the needs of our area.  Businesses and Organizations will gain new team leaders, community-sensitive communicators, knowledgeable marketers, and stronger managers. Coffee County will benefit from new, impassioned voices with innovative ideas and solutions to help strengthen and enrich the community.


Any Enterprise Chamber of Commerce member in good standing is eligible to nominate one prospective applicant, to include themselves, for participation in the Leadership Coffee County program.  Applications must be submitted on the forms provided by Leadership Coffee County and must be received in office by the prescribed deadline.

Unless the applicant is self-employed, the applicant’s employer is required to endorse the application, as the applicant’s participation will require time away from work for full session days.  Additional volunteer hours are required to complete the program, which may require limited, but additional, time away from work.

All class positions are open each year, and application does not guarantee selection.  Class size may be limited based on number of applications received, and will be reviewed and selected based upon information provided by applicant.  Selected applicants should exemplify all or most of the following: high standards of personal integrity, dedication to excellence in the workforce, personal goals, or a demonstration of community achievements.


To complete Leadership Coffee County selected applicants are expected to make a commitment to the program to attend each of the nine full-day sessions during the months of February through October, participate in the planning  and execution of the class project, and complete a minimum requirement of five individual volunteer hours to the Enterprise Chamber of  Commerce.  Class days are usually the second Tuesday of each month and run from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, unless otherwise specified.


If accepted into the program, you or your employer/sponsor will be responsible for your tuition, which will be due prior to the opening retreat.  Tuition cost is $375 and will cover all program costs, including food, transportation, LCC logo shirt, and staff time. Tuition is non-refundable, in whole or in part, in the event that the applicant fails to complete the program for any reason. 




Fill out the Leadership Coffee County application and submit to the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce.  Applications may be mailed to: Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Coffee County, PO Box 310577, Enterprise, AL 36331. Hand delivered to our office located at: 553 Glover Ave, Enterprise, AL 36330. Or Emailed to:  For additional questions call us at (334) 347-0581.

Interested parties may contact the Chamber office to be placed on list to be contacted when information is available.

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