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Volunteers that generously give their time and talents are one of the most valuable assets in every community.  Most community events would not even be possible without the support of community volunteers dedicated to service which helps to improve the overall quality of life for everyone.

Volunteerism is mutually beneficial in a variety of ways!  As a volunteer you will have opportunities to grow your network, both personally and professionally.  It is also a great way to improve social skills, make new friends, and connect with community leaders.  It also provides opportunities to utilize your unique skillset and help to make a positive impact on the community.

The Enterprise Chamber of Commerce is responsible for many of the community festivals and events that we all enjoy.  We would not be able to do this without the support of our volunteers, and are always willing to welcome new volunteers!

If you would be interested in volunteering for any of our upcoming community events, please click the link below to submit your contact information.

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