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The Enterprise Chamber of Commerce invites everyone to celebrate St. Paddy's Day the Enterprise way with the World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Half Pint 0.5K.  

It's time for shamrocks and shenanigans once again as we celebrate the 32nd Anniversary of the WORLD'S SMALLEST ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE, which first began in 1993!  Here in Enterprise, Alabama we celebrate our eccentricities.  The World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade earns its claim to fame as people line the street to watch in delight and cheer on the GRAND MARSHAL  - the parade's only participant.  That's right, one lone-marcher travels down the Irish Isle while waving the over-sized Irish flag and dances in merriment.  Okay - it's not the Irish Isle, it's E College Street, but it's every bit as magical.  So pull out your St. Patrick's Day flare and meet us there!


"The Race for the Rest of Us"


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In 2019 we decided 15 minutes of fun just wasn't enough.  So we added the Half Pint 0.5K (that decimal is not a typo)!  This is a "Race for the Rest of Us."  We understand that you just want to get TO THE POINT - the post race party!  Immediately following the World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade, our illustrious Grand Marshal makes their way to the Start Line and waves the flag a few times more to signal the beginning of the most satisfying "race" of the year.  


The Half Pint 0.5K supports those whose idea of running for a six-pack, is more like a drive to the nearest store instead of the nearest health club.  You're more likely to break a sweat putting on your St. Paddy's Day flair than participating in this race. It's more like a brisk walk around the block considering it is only a 546 yards, AND even has FREE DONUTS at the half-way mark to give you the strength you need to make it to the finish line! BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE.  Your registration comes with super cool swag and ends in a post-race party to celebrate your commitment to fitness (even if it that means "fit'ness this donut in my mouth")!  More importantly, you can finally brag to all of your friends about winning a race.  We'll CHEERS to that!

The 2025 Half Pint 0.5K pre-registration fee will be announced at a later day. The fee is per participant, ages 6 and over, and only available during the pre-registration period. This fee includes the official event t-shirt, swag bag, access to post-race celebration, complimentary beverage (green beer anyone? or perhaps a juice box?) Same day registration will be available, but the price goes up per person and we can't guarantee much more than a little fun (i.e. swag will be limited to what we have leftover from previous years until it's gone).


Members of the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce have an exclusive opportunity to spotlight their business and show off their community support.  Past year's attendance records show nearly 5,000 visitors to the festival grounds during the duration of the combined event, with an annual average of 500+ registered for the Half Pint 0.5K alone. The Parade Committee is offering a number of sponsorships at various price levels, each with its own promotional considerations. Here some of the many benefits of sponsoring the World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade and Half Pint 0.5K:

  • Access to a large demographic attendees, goodwill and an opportunity to once again demonstrate your deep-rooted commitment to the Enterprise community

  • Company brand exposure to a broad customer base creating new sales opportunities;

  • Pre-Event recognition and exposure

  • An opportunity to showcase your product and sample the audience

  • On-site signage and exposure

  • Parade-day sponsor recognition in announcements and live videos;

  • Exposure to a large group of diversified participants and spectators; and

  • Identification in media efforts (electronic & print).


If you are interested in becoming a 2025 Sponsor for the World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade and Half Pint 0.5K, contact the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce at (334) 347-0581 or email:

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